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First Tuesday: Guest arrive during the day and are welcomed,  then shown to their                           rooms.

           7.00pm: We gather for  pre-dinner drinks. and get to know each other.

           7.30pm: Dinner.


           9.00am: Breakfast

          10.00am: Morning tutorial and discussion as to the meaning of art while                                   getting to grips with the first medium in the studio.

           11.15am: Coffee.

          11.30am: Continue with the material of the day.

          12.30pm: Lunch

           2.00pm: Back to the studio to continue the work of the day.

           3.30pm: Coffee.

           5.30pm: Tutorial ends though the studio will be available for those who wish                          to continue.

           7.00pm: Drinks and Dinner.

       Thursday: The same as Wednesday but with a new medium.

            Friday: Breakfast as normal then a trip out to the church at St. Fraigne to                           view the frescoes. Lunch will be out at a restaurant and in the                                   afternoon we'll visit an art gallery in a local town with a chance to go                         shopping or just have a look around. The end of the day as normal.

        Saturday: Is a studio day, timings as before but the medium is fresco.

           Sunday: Is another studio day with the last of the mediums.

          Monday: In the studio to finish any works and prepare for the exhibition to                           be held that evening.

          Tuesday: Breakfast and get ready to leave.

At any time any one of the meals may be at a local restaurant. This schedule is for guidance only.